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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Jun-1999Be surprised at or by?-The Choice of Preposition in Present-day English-竹田津, 進; TAKETAZU, Susumu
30-Sep-1999Be surprised by in the Corpus and the OED竹田津, 進; TAKETAZU, Susumu
30-Sep-2002Dickens's use of the (be) surprised by construction竹田津, 進; TAKETAZU, Susumu
30-Mar-2013‘Do you have~?’構文の初出年代をめぐって竹田津, 進; TAKETAZU, Susumu
30-Mar-1994It-Construcion with Psychological Verbs from ME Onwards竹田津, 進; TAKETAZU, Susumu
30-Mar-2002OEDにおける「心理受動文+by」構文とHenry Bradley竹田津, 進; TAKETAZU, Susumu
30-Dec-1999Onions and his treatment of be surprised by in the OED竹田津, 進; TAKETAZU, Susumu
30-Jun-2015‘Psych-passive + by’ Constructions in the OED and Henry Bradley’s Lexicographical PhilosophyTAKETAZU, Susumu; 竹田津, 進
30-Mar-2015‘Psych-passives + at or by’ in Dickens’ English: in the case of psych-verbs synonymous to surpriseTAKETAZU, Susumu; 竹田津, 進
30-Sep-2015Psych-passives with at or by in Late Modern English and its historical Shift from Early Modern to Present-day EnglishTAKETAZU, Susumu; 竹田津, 進
30-Mar-2001The decline of be surprised at/by + gerund竹田津, 進; TAKETAZU, Susumu
30-Mar-2016英語インテンシブの10年:成果検証と将来展望竹田津, 進; TAKETAZU, Susumu
30-Mar-2010『欽定訳聖書』に使われたwrothとangry竹田津, 進; TAKETAZU, Susumu
30-Sep-2011佐世保市在住外国人への言語サービス竹田津, 進; ライフ, スティーブン; 小池, 知英; TAKETAZU, Susumu; RIFE, Stephen; KOIKE, Tomohide
30-Sep-2013日本的英米人(1)竹田津, 進; TAKETAZU, Susumu
Showing results 1 to 15 of 15


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