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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Dec-2019Preliminary Study: Effects of Daily Shadowing Homework Using Audio Dropbox on EFL Speaking SkillsTANAKA, Hiroe; 田中, 弘恵
20-Dec-2005Preventing Confidential Data Disclosure in XML Document ModificationCHATVICHIENCHAI, Somchai; チャットウィチェンチャイ, ソムチャイ
30-Sep-2018Proposal for a Conceptual Model Learning from the Recent Liner Shipping MarketYAMAMOTO, Yutaka
11-Jan-2013Pros and cons for keeping United States Forces in Japan (USFJ)SEBATA, Takao; 瀬端, 孝夫
30-Mar-2020Protectionism and Free Trade:From the Perspective of Duality of InformationYIN, Qingzhu
30-Jun-2015‘Psych-passive + by’ Constructions in the OED and Henry Bradley’s Lexicographical PhilosophyTAKETAZU, Susumu; 竹田津, 進
30-Mar-2015‘Psych-passives + at or by’ in Dickens’ English: in the case of psych-verbs synonymous to surpriseTAKETAZU, Susumu; 竹田津, 進
30-Sep-2015Psych-passives with at or by in Late Modern English and its historical Shift from Early Modern to Present-day EnglishTAKETAZU, Susumu; 竹田津, 進
31-Mar-2005「QOL(Quality of Life)からみた地域づくりに関する発展的応用研究」「データベースシステム」の構築福田, 美佳; 小島, 勉; FUKUDA, Mika; KOJIMA, Tsutomu
15-Jan-2014Quantifying Incorporation of Feedback on Written EssaysHENSLEY, Joel; ヘンスリー, ジョール
23-Jan-2015Raising Children Bilingual from BirthHENSLEY, Joel; ヘンスリー, ジョール
20-Dec-2007The Redefinition of the Security Treaty瀬端, 孝夫; SEBATA, Takao
20-Dec-2007A Reliability Analysis of Summative Cloze Test FormatsHOLSTER, Trevor; ホルスター, トレバー
31-Mar-2019Remodeling the Ideal: The Political Choices of the Communist Party of China since the 18th CPC National CongressQI, Jianmi; 祁, 建民
31-Mar-2021Research on Emergency Management Mechanism of Network Ideological CrisisWANG, Lianfang; WU, Wenchun
31-Mar-2016Research on Fabric Supplier Selection of Uniqlo based on Strategic Sourcing葉, 翀; 武, 彦瑾; YE, Chong; WU, Yanjin
22-Dec-2008Review of Japan's Defense Policy Debate瀬端, 孝夫; SEBATA, Takao
20-Dec-2004S-structure of Euclidean Algorithm永野, 哲也; NAGANO, Tetsuya
20-Dec-2002Sadakichi Hartmann in America 1887-1918,The Early Literary WorksKENNETH L, Richard; ケネス L, リチャード
30-Jun-2001Scalar Field as Dark Matter and Machian Cosmokogical Solution in the Generalized Scalar-Tensor Theory of Gravitation宮崎, 明人; MIYAZAKI, Akihito
Showing results 159 to 178 of 1359
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