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Title: Host Nation Support(HNS)for United States Forces in Japan(USFJ)
Author: 瀬端, 孝夫
Author's alias: SEBATA, Takao
Issue Date: 22-Dec-2011
Publisher: 長崎県立大学
Shimei: 研究紀要
Issue: 12
Start page: 267
End page: 276
ISSN: 1883-8111
Abstract: This paper examines the Host Nation Support(HNS-or OMOIYARI YOSAN in Japanese) for United States Forces in Japan(USFJ).In March 2011, Japan faced the most disastrous earthquakes and Tsunami that have ever occurred in the Japanese history along with the nuclear reactors accidents in Fukushima Prefecture. In spite of the fact that the Japanese government needs all the money to quickly carry out the reconstruction of the disaster, it wastes a huge amount of money including HNS. Therefore, the paper recommends that Japan ask the United States to give up HNS for the next five years. Or, the United States should voluntarily abandon HNS for the next five years to show that the United States is a real friend of Japan's. Reviewing why HNS started, the paper asks the following questions : why does the Japanese government continue to pay huge amount of HNS to USFJ even after the Cold War ended?; Is it a social cost for Japan to deal with the United States?; Is it natural for the Japanese people to pay HNS since USFJ protect them?; Is the amount appropriate or too much? In conclusion, the paper recommends the following policy : The Japanese government abolishes HNS since: The Japanese government's budget is in red ink; USFJ in many cases did not protect the Japanese people, but hurt them, and USFJ are in Japan not to defend Japan but to keep a strict watch on China and to be sent to the Middle East.
Keywords: The Host Nation Support(HNS), OMOIYARI YOSAN,and United States Forces in Japan(USFJ)
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10561/706
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