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Title: Essence of United States Forces in Japan (USFJ)
Author: SEBATA, Takao
Author's alias: 瀬端, 孝夫
Issue Date: 15-Jan-2014
Publisher: 長崎県立大学
Shimei: 研究紀要
Issue: 14
Start page: 151
End page: 161
ISSN: 1883-8111
Abstract: Since the end of World War II in August 1945, the United States forces have stationed in Japan for almost seventy years, first being as the American Occupation Forces, then as the United States Forces in Japan (USFJ). Japan provides USFJ with a large area of her land as military bases and pays a huge amount of Host Nation Support every year, but the Japanese people, in particular, the people in Okinawa, suffer from crimes, accidents, and environmental destruction caused by USFJ. While many host countries pay little to or some even receive money from the United States for hosting the United States forces, Japan is very generous to bear the cost to maintain USFJ up to 75% in spite of the fact that the Japanese Government suffers from huge budget deficit. Japan’s situation, in which there is a foreign troops’ base in the capital of a sovereign state and pays 75% of the cost to keep USFJ, is a very rare case even in the world. USFJ enjoy extraterritoriality and receive generous financial support from Japan, but they do not defend Japan. On the contrary, USFJ have harmed the Japanese people since 1945. Up until now, more than 1,000 Japanese people have been killed by USFJ. Accidents and crimes caused by USFJ take place about ten cases per day. Many people might wonder if USFJ really defend Japan. Of course, for the Japanese Government and the United States Government the answer is “YES,” they defend Japan. Many Japanese and American people will also say “YES.” Nevertheless, the statistics show a different answer. Therefore, I will argue that USFJ do not defend Japan, rather harm the Japanese people. USFJ are bouncers, but they are not doing their job. Even the Japanese YAKUZA (gangster) protect the local people from other YAKUZA if the people pay. USFJ are not in Japan to defend the Japanese people, but rather to protect and promote the United States national interests. Essence of USFJ is the fact that the United States freely uses her military bases in Japan without consulting with the Japanese Government. This is clearly shown when the United States deployed Osprey helicopters to Okinawa and other places in Japan. The paper argues that the United States-Japan Security Treaty in essence means that the United States can freely build her military bases anywhere in Japan, deploy any number of troops she wishes, and stay in Japan as long as the United States wants. The United States does no treat Japan as an ally, but regards Japan as a vassal.
Keywords: The United States Forces in Japan
defense of Japan
military bases
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10561/957
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