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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Mar-2011A Study on Industrial Effects of Tariff Removal between Korea and Japan李, 鴻培; LEE, Hongbae
22-Dec-2011A watermarking scheme for color still images based on wavelet transform using adaptive quantization前村, 葉子; MAEMURA, Yoko
15-Jan-2014About a Boy: Ozu and Kitano’s “Orphan” ComediesHODSON, Richard; ホドソン, リチャード
31-Mar-2014An Econometric Analysis on Energy Intensity from the Perspective of Structural Change and Technical Progress尹, 清洙; 劉, 立至; YIN, Qingzhu; LIU, Lizhi
30-Jun-2011Applications of Leontief's Input-Output Analysis in Our EconomyTANAKA, Fujio John. M.; TANAKA, Fujio John. M.
30-Dec-2016"ASEAN3か国の市場の現在(いま)を読み解く ベトナム、タイ、インドネシアの日系企業幹部のインタビュー調査を通して江崎, 康弘; EZAKI, Yasuhiro
11-Mar-2015Association and interaction effect between dietary pattern and VEGFR-2 gene polymorphisms on chronic non-communicable disease risk in Japanese and Malaysian adultsYAP, Roseline; ヤップ, ロゼリン
30-Mar-2013A社造船所における競争と会計のグローバル化への対応と地場経済に与える影響 -韓国造船業の動向も含めて-宮地, 晃輔; 竹田, 範義; 小形, 健介; 柊, 紫乃; MIYAJI, Kousuke; TAKEDA, Noriyoshi; OGATA, Kensuke; HIIRAGI, Shino
30-Jun-2013A社造船所の新造船事業における採算性改善のための方策 -韓国造船関連企業松江重工業への調査を基礎として-宮地, 晃輔; MIYAJI, Kousuke
30-Jun-1999Be surprised at or by?-The Choice of Preposition in Present-day English-竹田津, 進; TAKETAZU, Susumu
30-Sep-1999Be surprised by in the Corpus and the OED竹田津, 進; TAKETAZU, Susumu
30-Sep-2002Behavior of the Brans-Dicke Scalar Field in Curved Space-Time宮崎, 明人; MIYAZAKI, Akihito
15-Aug-1984Brans-Dicke 理論における完全流体宇宙モデル宮崎, 明人; MIYAZAKI, Akihito
22-Dec-2011CCTVと1978年以降の中国経済改革政策香取, 淳子; KATORI, Atsuko
22-Dec-2008Challenges for EFL learners in understanding English humour:a pilot studyホドソン, リチャード; HODSON, Richard
30-Mar-2010Challenges of the EU Financial System after the Sub-Prime CrisisAOKI, Keisuke; AOKI, Keisuke
30-Dec-2010Changes in Industrial Interdependency between Japan and Korea-An Application of International Input-Output Analysis-YANG, Kwangsoo; LEE, Hong Bae; YANG, Kwangsoo; LEE, Hong Bae
22-Dec-2011Chronicle of Shame:Imamura's MizoguchiHODSON, Richard; ホドソン, リチャード
28-Dec-2016COC(1)先進事例における、フィールドワーク活動困難者への対応措置について関谷, 融; SEKIYA, Toru
22-Dec-2011Collective Variables in Apphed Linguistics ResearchHENSLEY, Joel; ヘンスリー, ジョール
Showing results 21 to 40 of 878
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