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Title: 食物摂取頻度調査票および写真撮影された食事調査法による栄養素等ならびに食品群別摂取量算出値の比較
Other Titles: Comparison of the Calculation Value of Nutrient Intake by the Method of Food Frequency Questionnaire Based on Food Groups (FFQg) and the Meal Photograph Investigation Method
Author: 冨永, 美穂子
高木, 千穂
徳永, 真紀子
岸田, 邦博
Author's alias: TOMINAGA, Mihoko
KISHIDA, Kunihiro
Issue Date: Mar-2014
Publisher: 長崎県立大学看護栄養学部
Shimei: 県立長崎シーボルト大学看護栄養学部紀要
Volume: 12
Start page: 19
End page: 29
ISSN: 1884-1759
Abstract: 食物摂取頻度調査による食事調査法(FFQg法)の妥当性および写真撮影による食事調査法(写真調査法)の有用性を検討するために写真調査法と秤量記録法、FFQg法と写真調査法による栄養素等ならびに食品群別摂取量算出値の一致性を比較検討した。写真調査法は秤量記録法に比較し、ほとんどの栄養素で±10~ 20%前後の算出誤差となった。写真調査法において、食事写真を分析する管理栄養士間の分析誤差は小さかったが、料理内容によっては分析誤差が生じやすいことが示唆された。豆類、卵類、乳類、果実類はFFQg法と写真調査法の間で比較的高い相関が認められたが、各栄養素等においては両調査間に高い相関はほとんど示されなかった。写真調査法の方がFFQg法よりも栄養素等、食品群共に高く算出される傾向にあった。 ln order to examine the validity of the meal investigating method by food frequency questionnaire based on food groups (FFQg method), and the availability of the meal investigating methods by photography, comparison of the calculation value of nutrient intake and intake according to food groups between the photograph investigation method (PIM) and the weighing method (WM), and between the PIM and the FFQg method, was carried out. Calculation error by the PIM was around ± 10 to 20 % among almost all nutrients as compared with the WM. In the PIM, there were few analysis errors by the national registered dietitians who analyzed. However, it was suggested that the PIM is liable to occur an analysis error according to type of dish. Although comparatively high correlation of legumes, eggs, milk and dairy products, and fruits were found between the FFQg method and the PIM, in each nutrient, higher correlation was not shown between both investigation methods. In almost all nutrients and food groups, calculation value by the PIM tended to be higher than those by the FFQg method.
Keywords: 食事調査
meal investigating
food frequency questionnaire (FFQ)
meal photograph
university students
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10561/991
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